Payment date 8th may passed and still no BATS payment

Rewards from March/April have still not paid and it is now May 14th

my screen displays the following message:

MAY 2021
No activities yet…
You’ve designated 30.000 BAT for creators who haven’t yet signed up to receive contributions. Your browser will keep trying to contribute until they verify, or until 90 days have passed. Learn more.Show all pending contributions

what should I do as the BATS have not been sent to my uphold wallet and it does not look like it will?

4 of my 7 accounts show as verified? I cannot get the 3 to show verified ?

ive looked in appdate / local but cannot see a file called publishers list ?

I just renamed these 2 files with - old on th end, now my BATS earnt data has dissapeared?


new file names have been created, but all BATS earnt and accounts have disappeared on BATS website, please advise if i should rename correct and use these original files i renamed? and how to resolve this problem



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