Paying out missing Creator payments

@steeven and confirmations that have not yet been credited?
I already have more than 7 days with several confirmations and have not yet been credited

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@dwcaos - Please DM the email linked to your account. Thanks!

hi @steeven June 8 will pay sales of April and May? Or will April sales be paid this week?

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Please make payments soon. I need it. Thank you very much! @steeven

I still haven’t received the May payment. Please check it for me.

So some people get paid twice, and we do not even get anything?

It is this week or you should close this topic

The missing payouts referenced in the title post (the bugs affected those creators who were with us early on in the program (( before 2018 )) and those who received their first earnings in the last two days at the end of the month.) have now been processed.

Hİ, @steeven The number of people who downloaded 47 people but installed and using them over 30 days is very disproportionate. I haven’t thought about it until now, but as I saw the system errors, I started to think that there may be a problem, especially “caused by making 5 May payments”.

I started to think that I had a problem about this issue, I have doubts? :thinking:
Meanwhile, the May 5 payment problem still continues.

Are the remaining accounts with April sales still unresolved?

hi, do you have any method for these high rates? Can you give information about this subject? Thanks. :wink:

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still not pay for me, please help!

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Porsupuesto hermano! Resulta que soy bueno para esto JAJAJA:, en realidad soy nuevo y pienso que aún el alcance se puede optimizar.

Son varios factores que inciden. Para que una persona tome la decision de descargar y permanecer con el navegador; sin embargo lo que me ha funcionado es pedir “el pantallazo de descarga” para confirmar que ya lo realizo,para ello ofrezco un incentivo es: indicarle como puede activar “las Recompensas. para garantizar que las pueda recibir”…(Crear la sensación que puede ser un poco complejo y que necesita la ayuda de un experto)
-El resto lo voy a publicar en un video en Youtube :Gafas de sol: Para que mas personas tengan acceso, espero te funcione excelente! y en cuanto este listo todo el material te lo comparto.

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yes, I saw links as a rewarding incentive recently on a few sites but I did not intend to do so. I did not think because I am foreign to this work, but I may want to do it in the future. I am waiting for your sharing. Thanks. :wink:

My last deposit was on March 09, 2020. Hadn’t received monthly payouts since then. However, some time yesterday in a span of a couple hours or so, 3 separate deposits were made to my Uphold account. My creators dashboard hasn’t updated yet but I can confirm that I have received (almost) all my balance (barring transaction fees, etc.). Thanks team!

I believe I am part of those who enrolled prior to 2018, which caused the delay in payments. Fingers crossed that this is permanently fixed from the following month.

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Has been processed or are processing…??
I still have not received my May payment! :3

Me too! Please send payment soon

I did not receive my May payment. Please check it for me! Thank you!

Anyone been paid yet?

I haven’t received anything. my friend too .