Payement reported ? Incomplete ? Why?

Hi everyrone.

There’s something I don’t understand.

I had BAT pending payment in May that was to be paid on June 8.

At the beginning of June, the message “Payment in progress” appears. June 8 passes, 9 too, always with the same message. I say to myself, “Okay, I’ll wait another day.”

Today is the 10th and I see that the payment will only be made on July 8th and that none of my pending BAT have been paid.

I would like to point out that I have a verified Uphold account since the beginning of May and that it is correctly linked to my publisher account on Brave.

Can someone please clarify this for me? Because I feel a little cheated by the system Brave is proposing.

Edit : Other info - I’m from France.


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same problem here !!

They are having issues with payments, that is for sure. I don’t think you’re being cheated, though–they have given assurances in the past that correct amounts will eventually be paid out. That was in regards to browser wallets being credited with incorrect amounts, so I expect they’ll eventually make the same declaration for these creators payments. Also, I believe France is a supported region, so that shouldn’t be the problem. My advice is to contact support directly, and be prepared to exercise some patience, as it may take a while.

I can attest that they make payments. I verified in April, and received a small May payment. I also received two small June payments: one yesterday evening, and one this morning. I can’t say that I understand the amounts, though. I am also looking for clarity.


Sure, I’m waiting an answer here at the moment, patiently.

It is not really the fact that I did not receive the BATs on the date indicated that worries me, but rather the fact that now I have to wait until July.

I don’t think I misconfigured my account and affiliation with Uphold.

My hypothesis at the moment:

  1. Maybe there is a minimum amount for the payment to be made.
  2. If so, then what is it?
  3. If not, have I missed a step or is my account bugged?

In fact, I received two referral rewards on June 6 and 8 when the accounts were frozen for transfers. So I knew that I was not going to get the 30+ BAT indicated in June but rather around 2.85 BAT. But as can be seen on the screenshots, no operations were performed.

I will wait another pair of days and if I don’t have an answer here I will contact support by email or telegram.

What can we do to get paid?

“Publisher Payout did not arrive”

Exact same thing happened to me.

Said Pending yesterday and now says “Next Payout” July 8th.
Yet never got the “First” Payment

Some better insight would be good for us who didn’t receive

well wait all this time and do not process the payment says and that for the other month. I do not want to wait another month to receive the payment that corresponds to me. I need it urgently. I know that both I and other colleagues present the same inconvenience and we do not want to wait for a whole month to receive our payment.

Payments have already been completed. If you do not yet have your funds, its likely due to one of the reasons found in this thread:

Or you may have been suspended.
Please check your email for any messages from to confirm.

that is not true.
last month my friends received their payment and this month not many of my contacts the same thing happened to them. So the error is presented by you. Do not put those possible reasons that many do not apply.

Your account has been suspended due to fraudulent activity. If you have an issue or questions with your suspension, please email Thanks.

I am in favor of all those colleagues who do not pay them properly and send them to the other month when they have waited patiently instead of solving them once.

Hello @Mattches, thanks for your answer. As you can read in my first post, I’m verified on Uphold since the beginning of May and I’m verified publisher since the same period too.

I have no mail from

Please could you show some light into these issues?
We are some users with verified accounts, no suspended mails, and the payment has changed from June to July. Why ?
Keep in mind that from outside it seems very dark and scammy.
Could you explain us or share us a link where to get info about the payment’s workflow?


I see the issue with your case – its looks like you created your Publisher account May 2nd, and your verified your Uphold shortly thereafter – taken from the first section of that above linked thread:

:point_up: This would explain why you haven’t recieved your payment yet. You should see all your funds deposited into your account, plus any accrued from the month of June in your July payout.


i work with brave from feb 2018 i received payement every month and all is correct in my account , i passed the suspicious step in july 2018 and 1 years later when i worked good and hard you tell me i am suspicious without any reason? sorry but i need clarifiation , i am one of the first affiliate with you i need your assistance this is the minimum? no ?


Thanks for your clear and helpful answer @Mattches.

I hope your deduction is correct. I will actually wait until July. If I have the same problem in July I will contact support directly by email.

(you can close this topic)

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I’ve the same issue as everyone else here. I’ve been verified with Uphold since 2018 and don’t have any emails from

Previous months I had no issues.

Hi, @Mattches

I want to tell you I finally received (a part) of my BAT corresponding to my two June refferals. So thank you again for your help.

But I have a new question / problem. On the other hand, the few BAT I received from tips (7.60BAT) were not transferred.

They do not appear in my statement and yet I am sure that some of them are more than a month old.

I don’t understand why the BAT from the tips are not transferred to my UpHold.

How to play brave get the BAT

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