Payement date keeps saying 8th of august

My payement date has been on August 8th for a while and I haven’t received the BAT I have from July. Should I do anything or just wait?

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July’s payout just started today. It was delayed due to the holidays in the U.S. and Canada. It will take a week or so for all of the payouts to be completed. The August date is just a display issue. It always happens about the time of the payouts, but it fixes itself after payouts are completed for the month.

Maybe I’m wrong but you don’t have any logo that you are an administrator of the Brave forum, can you explain me why you are copying and pasting exactly the same answer that we have already told you is not the case to every person that asks about this error? Thank you.

Because it’s the correct answer.


every month my brave rewards says like 10 bucks or so but when it comes to pay date they pay me 50 cents…

As much as you insist that your answer is correct, I do not know what you gain with it honestly, it does not make your answer correct, you are already being told in several threads that the problem comes from months ago that no month is not charged because it automatically happens to show that it will be charged the following month and it is not charged and I have already told you in another thread that it is not only a couple of people and that in my case I have equipment that if they work and others that do not, stop insisting on giving empty answers. Greetings.

Yeah, I don’t think that is my problem too, but I’ll update this thread to see who’s right. Eventually the payement date will switch to September, I bet

Edit: Lmaaoooo, as I was writing my response, my payement date is already September 8th. Ridiculous

Seems that it isn’t the correct answer after all

Believe what you want to. It doesn’t matter to me. You may have a different issue from the OP’s issue. That doesn’t make my answer wrong.

Please be patient. Your BAT will arrive soon to you.

Delays happen quite a lot due to several reasons. Keep browsing and enjoy the web :slight_smile:

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Yes, your answer is wrong, because you are not answering the problem, you are giving a generic answer that you have given in more posts, that’s it, I insist, I don’t know what you gain with it and wanting to be absolutely right (I know it is also confirming that it is not what you say, since as you can see it is happening to more people after your insistence).

Let’s see, it seems that you are not reading the problem, that it is not about this now… that it is not normal that these BATs should have been collected months ago and that the problem is not that suddenly we are told that we will collect them next month just when the date arrives, but that it reaches the point that it appears that we will collect them in two months, when that date arrives, the same thing happens again and they are not collected, that it is no longer a matter of patience…

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**Same here, they only paid out like 0.25 BAT where in reality they should have paid me like nearly 50 BAT now over 6 months !!! Nice try BAT customers service hello, nice try to scam out of Rewards, Brave are saying we are trying hard to fix this problem, really!? Six months, common.

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You clearly have a different issue from the OP. Please start your own thread instead of spamming here.

If you insist on saying that it is another problem is up to you, but we have already told you that it is not, that everything goes together? But hey, you go on with your business… You want to be right, you are right, meanwhile and as far as I know I can comment and talk in any thread without your permission, from now on I will ignore any message from you. Good luck. :wave:

PS: I answered you here precisely because I could see how you copied and pasted the same message from other threads where you also claimed to be right and that’s it, even if we told you you were not.

The issue is the same, I haven’t collected any BAT Rewards since March and didn’t get any ads for more than a month, until I opened a thread here to expose my problem. So the BAT I should’ve received this month is the cumulative of the last 4 months~.

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I haven’t received anything since March or so…
It’s been “Stuck” in my brave rewards and not going thru my uphold account.
Yes, i had received previous payments before

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Brave reward are atomatically deducted why?

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