Pay out for publishe is it delay?

Hi, its already 9th of the month here in our country just wanted to know if the payment for publisher is still on going or not started yet thankyou.

The payment is started in US time zone, where Brave is based. For status, check January 2021 Publishers Payout Thread

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Thank you for that information sir really appreciate it

but every month by this time i could have got my publisher payout. but this time i had not got my publisher payout yet. did you got your publisher payout

Same proplem here…

Same problem here tb

i have same proplem here

Just wait patiently and track the progress via the thread I shared above. 🤷 Here I quoted in case you never read the post. :point_down:

Guys, Just be patient. I just got mine in a few minutes ago. :grinning: Hopefully will be your turn soon.

how much bat do you take bro ?

It took me a few months to figure it out but think I worked it out over time. I rarely get paid for ads on 5th and publisher on 8th. For both, its usually 2-3 days later. I watch the threads @steeven creates each month here and wait for him to confirm when all payments completed.

If, after payments complete, you still don’t receive your publisher payment, DM @steeven with the email address associated with the account. Hope this helps. :blush:

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38 bat. I think from my youtube channel. But referral havent get yet. I believe will receive in a short while later.

Congrats bro. We are just wondering why we didnt receive the payment just like last month

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Thx i received all my publisher BAT already. Yes i notice this month abit late in few hour always i recieved in morning. But, as long as recieve in today, i am ok with it. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: