Pay out date skipped

i dont know why it happened first time, my payout date of brave browser is skipped i think so its a bug so please solve it. i uses dekstop version of it so see toward it.

Hi @AdityaSingh1098, payout is currently processing:

Follow this for any updates made by Support. It can take up to several days to process all. If you’re still having this issue next week, you can follow the instructions in the second half of ^that post.

so how many days it can take to finish processing and my wallet is verified so tell according to it.

I’ve read several days - so about a week. Personally, I’m not going to worry about it till around the 13th or longer. I think Support will post updates on that thread I linked to, so we’ll likely hear some news before then. I’ve had no issue claiming BAT on my Android, but I’m waiting for my desktop to get with the picture - this is also my first payout.

i also claimed at my android but waiting for desktop one also. Bro if you get any infomation about it please kindly inform me.

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I will
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