Pay day keeps moving, still getting wallpaper ads, no longer getting rewards, no longer getting notification ads

hello there,

I don’t know what happened or when it started to happen, perhaps last year, but I have not received anything in my uphold wallet since then.

Not only that, but while I do get sponsored wallpapers, I no longer get ads to click off nor does it add to the estimated pending rewards. I’ve been stuck with a pending reward of 0.930 BAT since COVID probably.

Summary of Problems:

  1. Date keeps moving a month without paying me
  2. No longer getting new rewards even though I get sponsored wallpapers every 4th tab I open
  3. No longer getting notification ads to click off from

If this continues to happen for another year, everything you built with brave with disappear, can’t keep reccommending this browser if it doesn’t work as intended and what you say (developers) is here is what should be working as intended.

At least give us a reason to why this is happening please.


I am having the same problems too. I sent a direct message to @steeven .But nothing changes.

Same issue here since the 5th of Mar. Not sure I trust Uphold now to send funds to wallet. Will my BAT just stall out because its in Mempool? Also sent a message to @steeven but all we got back is some change is in nightly.

I got the Same problems since about March 5th as well. Can anyone tell me what this here “Nightly” thingamabob is?
Thanks and regards
Captain Proton

same issue. its happening with me too. the last time i received rewards was probably back in nov 2020.

Same problem here

Version 1.21.76 Chromium: 89.0.4389.86 (Official Build) (64-bit).

This has persisted for a number of days now.

What the heck, so what is the problem is it Uphold or Brave I can’t tell?

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