Patreon send button wasn't there then


Hi there,

How are you doing?

So I thought I mentioned something about Patreon a while ago, but maybe not.

Today I was writing a response to someone & when I scrolled up, there was no Send button to push. I finally clicked tab & saw it, scrolled back down, it disappeared, then scrolled back up & saw it, but it was slightly cut off.

I don’t think it would have showed up at all had I not used the tab key.

I’m going to send you a recording I did after all that happened, but only privately b/c the text is in there.


Apologies but I’m a little confused – what is the expected behavior here? Where exactly is the button supposed to be placed? Also, at the end of the video, if you were to begin typing in the message editor again, would the send button reappear?

I have no idea where the button is supposed to be b/c I rarely send messages in Patreon.

Once I finally found it, it was on the top right, but hidden from my view.

I was typing in the text field. That’s when I finished & went to try & send it & couldn’t find the button.

I hope that explains things.


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