Pasting material on website


I thought I had posted this earlier but I cannot see it so posting again.
I have a website. When I try to paste (copied) material on it nothing happens.
I have a Mac. I have no problems pasting on my website when I use other browsers
Can you please help me. Thanks.


Hi @kadona!

Our team is working through the issue.

Can you let me know what site you experienced this on? I want to make sure that I pass this to the team so they can reproduce on the same site.



The website I am referring is :

Good to know you are aware of it. :slight_smile:


Thanks @kadona

I have added the link you provided to the team. It turns out, the issue they worked on the fix for is still in the process of being pushed live, so there is a decent chance this will be resolved in the next update.

Would you mind if I have you double check when the team confirms the update has been pushed live?

Thanks again.


Of course I will double check when you have confirmed the update. :slight_smile:


Congratulations! Problem solved. I can paste pics. and text on my website now.
Thank you team.


Fantastic! Thanks for letting us know!

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