Pasted links get searched for instead of visited

Description of the issue:
Whenever I try to paste a link in the app it uses the pasted link as a search query instead. I do not know why as it works when I tried, for a popular example.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Copy URL of web page
  2. Paste in address bar
  3. Click ‘Go’

Expected result:
The link will be searched for in your selected search engine, likely the first result will show the main site the link was associated with, e.g if it was a YouTube link. Obviously the search engine has done its job, but that was not the intended result, the browser is at fault.

Brave Version( check About Brave):
1.13 (

Mobile Device details
iPhone 6

Additional Information:
I have uploaded a screenshot of the issue, it seems to only happen for this site so maybe this could trigger a fix.

cc @Mattches @sriram for assistance

I don’t seem to be able to produce the error. When I copy/paste a URL into the address bar and search (hit “go”), it navigates to the website as intended. Can you try using a different search engine as your default and see if it displays the same behavior?

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