Paste/Upload image to Facebook


In Chrome, I can copy an image address and paste it to Facebook status, and Chrome will auto upload the image. I’d like Brave to have this function. This makes it easier to share images and memes.

[Closed] Cannot attach pictures to Facebook posts

@Joshua_D I checked regarding this and it does automatically upload the image when you have the link pasted in Facebook status. It has to be the complete URL path of the image. Just a scenario, if you search for an image online in Google and without opening the image if you copy the URL then it won’t upload the image automatically, but if you copy the actual image path and paste it in your status update window then the image is automatically uploaded.

Could you try with the actual URL path of the image and check once.


I have tried the actual URL. When I copy and paste the image URL either in status or comment, I would prefer the image be uploaded as if I actually uploaded it off my hard drive, rather than just linking to the image URL. Does that make sense? Sometimes it works in the status and sometimes it doesn’t. But, I haven’t got it to work in a comment.


I believe its the same behavior across all browsers. All of them shows the URL and the image and none show it to be something uploaded from system


No. It’s not the same across all Browsers. In Chrome, I can open an image in a new tab, copy image, and paste that address into a Facebook post or comment and the image will actually upload to the page rather than link. This insures that everyone can see the image. This sometimes works in Brave in Facebook posts, but I haven’t got it to work in a comment yet.


Update: The copy paste/upload function still isn’t working in Brave. But I think it has to do with the way Brave is copying the image. For example, if I right click on an image in Brave, and paste that into a Facebook post/comment, then image link appears. But that’s not what I want to happen. I want the image to upload to the group I’m sharing it with. Now, if I snip the image using the windows snipping tool, copy it in the snipping tool, and then paste it into a post/comment in Brave, the image uploads like I want. That’s what I want to happen in Brave just by right clicking and copying the photo.


I just downloaded 64 bit and when I went to upload an image from my desktop as a reply to the existing message thread it will not add the image. When I go to add the image as a new reply it will upload the image to the post but not in the same thread it will upload.


Someone has the same issue.

and maybe this one is related issue:


What is the point of shields if we have to drop them to use facebook? Is there some sort of customized setting we can use to block ads, but still have the necessary script run to keep facebook running smooth?


Its not just copy’n’paste. I can’t even attach a pic from my hard drive in Brave. I WANT Brave to be my default browser, but I do a LOT of business on FB, and if Brave cannot get us there from here, I have no choice but to go back to Chrome.


Brave Guys,

Your ignoring what we are saying.
Edge for example (the only browser that works senselessly on my machine) which I used on facebook all the time, you can paste directly into the reply to a person’s timeline message or you can upload from your drive to the timeline message directly as well.
You do not need URL’s as they are already embedded in the picture.
Same for pasting an image from the drive or clipboard (screen shot).
Your browser does not allow this to happen at the time of our writing. ( 2 weeks ago and later)


The issue is under investigation.


I hope so. I want to use Brave as well, but I have a few groups on Facebook that I follow and interact with every day, so being unable to copy/paste images into the group is a deal breaker.

What we want is to be able to right click and copy an image from the browser and paste that image into a post or comment and have the image actually uploaded to the post or comment (not just a link.) <-- Chrome does this.

As an FYI, if I snip an image using the Windows 10 snipping tool, I can copy and and paste that image into a post or a comment in Brave. But, that’s an annoying extra step that should be unnecessary.


I have an image-uploading problem on both Facebook and LinkedIn that I cannot figure out… it’s when I using even small-sized PNG images. It seems that Brave only likes to upload JPG’s.


Still under investigation?
Come on guys…this is lame.
Key feature for those of us who use social media.
Edge now starts to lock up or do funny things with facebook on Win10, so you might want to get this fixed really soon.
I hardly use your browser because of this problem of not being able to attach or upload or paste pics into conversations.


It was fixed on the latest build.

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