Paste images in Aconex by Oracle

There is an AEC industry web project management site called Aconex by Oracle. Within this web-based platform, you can compose emails.

In Mozilla, one is able to paste images (e.g. jpg) into the body of the message. Can Brave be updated to allow this feature? I have tried turning off shields, but it doesn’t help.


Thanks for reaching out to us.
I’m not familiar with Aconex but I can’t think of any reason this wouldn’t be possible. I know it’s possible in every email web client I’ve tried so perhaps there’s something else at play here. Would you mind sending me a few screenshots so I can get a better idea of what is happening on your end? Can you send:

  • One screenshot of the email editor as it appears when you’re composing an email
  • One screenshot of the Console window in Dev tools (if you’re unsure how to do this, while on the site, go to Menu --> More tools --> Developer tools and click the Console tab.
  • For the last one, try to paste an image into the editor as you normally would, then open the dev tools Console tab again and share the image again (we’re looking for differences in output to see if any errors were picked up in it)

Let me know if any of the above is unclear.

Hi Mattches,

I also have the same issue. Just for contect, Mozilla allows you to paste a screenshot into the body of an ACONEX mail however Chrome, IE and Edge don’t allow it. So there seems to be something unique about Mozilla.

I’ve now converted to Brave and am facing this issue with ACONEX also. It would truly be great if this issue can be overcome as I do want to continue to use Brave however I do need this screenshot pasting function to work when I use ACONEX (which is often).

Can you tell me if the issue still occurs if you turn Shields off for the site (using the Shields panel in the address bar)?

Hi @Mattches,

I turned off Shields and it still does not allow me to paste a screenshot.

Can you paste screenshots in the browser in general? For example, can you copy/paste a screenshot into the editor in this thread here?

@Mattches Yep i can paste screenshots in general. It is something unique to ACONEX with most other browsers apart from Mozilla which does allow for screenshots to be pasted.

Screenshot below as an example

I see – thanks for confirming. Since I don’t have an ACONEX account I’m unable to test the behavior on my end, but it sounds like it might be a Chromium issue that will have to be fixed upstream.

Download the Add-on “Don’t F(text removed) With Paste”, search in the firefox add ons, install it, and you will be able to paste from snip into Aconex again.

@OldManM this doesn’t seem to work on the latest version of Firefox.

I would also like to see this supported by Brave (or any browser for that matter). Any other suggestions?

Hard to fix since we don’t have access to the site.

  1. Does copy/paste of text work?
  2. Does drag’n’drop of an image work?
  3. Test in Chrome, is it also reproducible there?

I see there is plenty of 404 errors in the console, which may not be helping.

Hi fanboynz,

Sorry for the delayed reply. I have finally come across a work around for this - for anyone interested…

If you copy an image from a MS Office program, with some text… you will be able to paste into Aconex within Brave (and other browsers). Gotta include a bit of text (or even a space works). I use Outlook, as it doesn’t resize the image to fit on a sheet of paper, like Word does.

In anser to your questions above…

  1. Yep copy/paste text works fine
  2. Drag & drop image doesn’t do anything
  3. Yep issue was the same in Chrome - the above work around also works in Chrome

Hope that’s useful!