Past months wallet activity (android smart phone)

I am trying to identify my unverified wallet activity for 2020. In the desktop version there is the ability to see past months reports as well as the current month’s summary.

  1. Can I see past months’ reports for the activity on my android device? All I can see is the activity for the current month.
    If not, 2) Can I sync my android wallet information with my desktop browser to access that information?
    Thank you.

Hi @DRS1, are you able to get the reports you want this way?

As to your other question, I don’t think this can be synced as the wallets can’t be synced.

That was fast and helpful, thanks.

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I have another quick question: The promotion log shows BAT transactions for viewing ads. It gives the transaction number, the number of BAT, and a few other details. Do you know if it is possible to find the date of each? Thanks again.

Sadly, no, I’m sorry. I’ve not been here for very long to have used this yet… but I’m surprised to hear there are no date entries. :confused:

Someone else that knows may pop in and enlighten both of us. :crossed_fingers:

Something like this one @DRS1 ?
Each entry under promotion tab should have this info.

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Got it, thanks to you both for your help. It looks like a promotion entry shows up in the log even if not claimed and that it registers a date when it is claimed. My unverified BAT wallet shows a balance, I wasn’t sure whether that amount include all BAT earned or just BAT that I have claimed. Am trying to figure out how this works for income tax purposes. Thanks again. This has been a big help.

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