Passwords will not save on Brave

I had been using Brave for 2 years with no problems, then the other day I go to YouTube and see I’m logged out. I go to log in and it doesn’t allow me to auto-fill. I then try out other sites and see the same thing is the case. I reenter my passwords and shut off my computer and come back to the passwords I saved gone. There are some passwords that remained saved but they are from websites I don’t use on the daily. How can I get all my passwords to save.

how system u use wendaws or linux or ioz?

Hey @robnation,

try this, go to brave://settings/passwords. Scoll all the way down and have a look if is in a section called never saved. If it is simply delete it, restart the browser and go to yt. Now it should work.
Good Luck.

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I use windows as my operating system.

it is not in never saved section

So is it in the long list of Passwords? If so cklick the EYE button right next and check if there is a PW in it. If not, simply delete (click trashcan) and again restart your browser and try to log into your YT. I should give you the option now to save the PW. :wink:

I made a new profile. I made sure there were actual passwords saved and today there was no passwords there.

I suggest to contact the dev’s about it. Sounds like a serious problem. :thinking:

I tried something new I’ll get back to you to see if it works. I’m gonna wait two days because that’s the longest it took for passwords to delete. If they delete one more time can you tell me a way to contact the devs.

Password deleted again how can I get into contact with the devs?

Btw, do use any software, like ccleaner, wisecleaner or any Cleanup/Tuneup Tool to remove internet traces when you shout down you computer? I was thinking about this, because i use ccleaner when end of the day i turn of my pc. But in my case i do it manually. So why i ask? If you do so (automaticly), maybe it is configured to delete your passwords? Check it out.

You need to look here to contact a admin:

I recently deleted CCleaner but I’ll check that right now.

CCleaner was still on my PC I deleted it now I’ll see if my passwords stay.

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Contacted admin because passwords deleted once again.

Any other possible suggestions?

To be honest i have no clue. Use Mcafee’s Stinger to look deep into the files and maybe detect something evil. :smiling_imp:

Thank you for the suggestion. I will try it out.

no threats found anything else I could do.

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