Passwords missing despite trying solutions I found here


Issue: I’ve wiped out my Macbook for a clean install and forgot export my passwords.

Tried solutions:

  1. Moved the BraveSoftware folder in the Application Support folder from my backup to the new install. This gave me back most of my settings, except for most of my passwords.

  2. Tried moving my old keychain from the backup to the new install and gave Brave Safe Storage access to the browser. Nothing new happened.

  3. Tried using sync. Nothing either.

Does anyone know what I could try or why those solutions might not have worked ?

Thank you,



  1. Reinstalled the clean install of MacOS.
  2. Put the old keychain where it belongs.
  3. Put the old BraveSoftware folder where it belongs.
  4. THEN installed Brave.

Everything’s here now!

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