Passwords - Menu Bug

Greetings. In the saved passwords menu, the WebTorrent and Hangouts radio buttons are mistakenly superimposed atop the list of saved passwords. I’ve quit the browser and restarted to no avail. Any ideas? Thanks.

wow just confirmed the bug will check the dev and beta versions to see if it has been fixed in their releases. if it has I can guarantee it would be fixed in the upcoming releases

Thank you. You rock.

checked beta and the bug is there and that is version 0.64.63 but doesn’t exist on brave Dev which is version 0.65.77 so look out for the upcoming releases

@screenwriter please do search for existing thread first. It’s a known issue. See Visual bug in font settings. The fix will be available with 0.65.x release (if not changed).

Thanks, :slight_smile: