Passwords don't work

I am a new user–just downloaded the browser 48 hours ago. I am 66 years old, so none of this stuff is intuitive to me and I don’t understand ‘tech-speak’. All I know is, whether I’m trying to access gmail from my desktop or through favorites, I have to keep re-entering my password. It recalls only my user name. I click save; it shows as a saved password…but it doesn’t work.

Hi @Beckett, welcome to Community!

Can you copy and paste brave://settings/passwords into your address bar.
One you get to the password settings screen, check if you have Offer to save passwords is enabled and let me know? Also check if you have Auto Sign-in enabled.

You should also see a section called Saved Passwords. Can you check if the site you’re trying to sign into is listed there and let me know?

Yes, both of those features are enabled. My gmail password shows (as ***s, of course) under Saved Passwords. FYI, yesterday I also told it to save my password to JacquieLawson e-cards site; that newly-added password does NOT appear under Saved Passwords. Sigh.


When you save a password, and you log out and then log back into a site. Brave will not put the saved password into the password box. If you click on the password box the saved password should then pop up and then you can select the password for the site. This is done intentionally for security reasons.

I am doing that. Not only am I logging off a site to try it, but I’m turning off the computer! The password still does not work. Nothing pops up. I have to type the whole password in again and then it again asks me if I want to save it. My user name works that way–I type the first letter and it allows me to select it. But not the password. And I was scrolling through the recent questions yesterday and learned that password wallet problems are a big issue.

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