Passwords and Payments not Sync'ing from PC to NEW Pixel 6 Pro

Recently got a new Pixel 6 Pro and everything Sync’s but the Password and Payments Methods. Never had sync issue in past with PC’s or Phones.
PC Win10 Pro

  • Brave: v 1.32.115
  • Android 12 build SDA.210817.037.A1
  • Brave: v1.32.106

Everything else sync’s but Password and Payment Methods. I have tried several time to add and remove from the sync chain. I have waited well over 72hrs.

Also there is no way to import even though you can export the data???

Would love to get this resolved…really frustrating have to add passwords

So found a threat with a link to use in BRAVE to view
You can for a sync and see what is suppose to sync and what is sync’ing

You can see that Passwords and Wallet are set and have Entries

Data Dump
“stat_name”: “Encrypted Types”,
“stat_status”: “”,
“stat_value”: “Bookmarks, Preferences, Passwords, Autofill Profiles, Autofill, Autofill Wallet Metadata, Themes, Typed URLs, Extensions, Search Engines, Sessions, Apps, App settings, Extension settings, Dictionary, Device Info, App List, Arc Package, Printers, Reading List, Send Tab To Self, Wifi Configurations, Web Apps, OS Preferences, Workspace Desk”

“message”: “”,
“name”: “Passwords”,
“state”: “Running”,
“status”: “ok”,
“num_entries”: 414,
“num_live”: 414

If I look at the PIXEL nothing is running except sharing message and User Consent???

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