Password save doesn't work

Password save selected and shows as saved in the session, after a switch to email or other session, the passwords that had been saved are not there nor shown as saved???
This is on an IMAC an
How can this issue be reproduced?

Expected result:

Brave Version( check About Brave):

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Can you tell me what you mean when you say you switch to another “session”? By this do you mean browser profile or do you mean another window/tab?

Thanks for the reply, it occurs, or rather , doesn’t appear when
I close my computer …power off. Then when I return to after
dinner or the next morning Zip, and I have set and double checked,
Is it possible I have some thing else set that overrides the

Again , thanks …

Can you check and see if by chance you have any data set to be cleared on exit in the browser? Go to Menu --> Settings --> History --> Clear browsing data --> [On exit] and see if any of these boxes – namely the Passwords and other site data box?

BINGO… THANK you and Merry Christmas as that untied the knot I

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Password save does not work for me either. I’m on Win 7, 64 bit. Downloaded Brave ver 1.1.23 this week and successfully imported bookmarks from Chrome and Foxfire. When I attempt to sign in to familiar websites I must reenter all login info even tho I previously “Saved” the passwords etc in the drop down prompt. Those website sign ons remain active in their respective tabs until I close Brave. When I open Brave again all sign ons are forgotten and the little box asks again to Save when I relog in. In Settings, no passwords show in the list.
While actively “signed on” to my websites, and after “saving” , no passwords show in the Settings password list.
I have reviewed the “Clear History” options and these settings do not seem to make a difference.
Thanks for any help!

Do you have any boxes checked in the Clear on exit window?

No boxes are checked.

Same problem here. Win 7, 64 bit Version 1.1.23

This problem seems to have been going on for quite sometime for a lot of users. I sure hope SUPPORT can fix this. I use a lot of sites that require logon, and its getting really annoying to have to enter the data each time rather than have autofill working!

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I seem to have temporarily (maybe?) fixed my issue. I edited my profile then re-imported passwords from Chrome yesterday evening. So far, its still working today.

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