Password reset on iPhone

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Description of the issue:

I use the same account on two separate phones but the password is somehow different on one of my phones and I’m locked out as I do not know this password

How can this issue be reproduced?

Expected result:
To be able to change the password so I can’t access brave on my phone and not be locked iht

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Mobile Device details
Additional Information:

Taking literally what you wrote in your “Description of the issue”, it sounds like you are Locked Out of using one of your iPhones.

That is a probably a problem to be solved - between you and Apple - though there may be members of the Brave Community who know some clever tricks?

Meanwhile, Apple says:

“If you forgot the passcode on your iPhone, or your iPhone is disabled”

Re your “Expected result” . . . you possibly meant to write:

“To be able to change the iPhone’s password, so I CAN access Brave iOS on my iPhone and not be locked out (of both my iPhone and Brave iOS).”


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No I mean I’m locked out of brave (apologies) where I have a password/code for brave I cannot access it on one of my phones

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Should work: Un-install Brave iOS from the iPhone in question.

Restart your iPhone, following Apple’s guidance:”

Install latest Brave iOS

Brave iOS at AppStore

After all that, you should be able to create/enter a password of your choosing.

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By doing this does it remove my saved passwords?

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Back up your Bookmarks. Back up your Passwords (maybe).

Bookmarks -

When you are looking at your list of bookmarks on the iPhone, and you see the “Back” button . . . click on that button (and click again) . . . until that button no longer shows.

Then, you will probably see only the “Done” button plus the “Mobile Bookmarks” folder all by itself . . . and at the bottom left of the display, an icon that is a very small rectangular box that has an UPWARD pointed arrow . . . click on that little icon.

Then, “Export Bookmarks”

You can e-mail them to yourself. You can also Save to Files.

If you Save to Files, you might choose: On My iPhone > Brave (folder)

Passwords -

Settings > Security > Enable “Save Logins”

You probably already did that.

But, I suspect that your Saved Logins may not survive. Their area in storage on your iPhone (some Brave Browser storage area), might be the same area re your Brave iOS access Passcode / Password that gets ZAPPED by Un-installing and then Re-installing Brave iOS.

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