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Please add the feature that allows me to set a password to open my browser. I am on a work computer and would like to secure some of my saved logins.

Thank You

Master Password
Enhancing private data security & Brave's Built-In about:passwords

There is a request to use keychain as a password manager. You can have a look here and upvote it if it covers the request


I was actually requesting a password to lock people out of the browser itself.

I have resorted to writing some VBA code in Access to open the browser to a specific page after entering a password. Then deleted all shortcuts. It’s good enough for the staff at work not to find it but it’s not the ideal situation.



Not sure how effective this will be. As long as the users login to the same user account they will be able to access it. Are there any windows application which implements this?

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@NigglesSquiggles maybe you can help me confirm I understand what you’d like to do:

It sounds like you’d like to prevent people from using the browser so that they can’t view history, view/follow bookmarks, browse, and use credentials that are saved. Other people using your account would then be unable to use Brave unless they used password to login

Versus locking your computer (which only prevents people from logging into your personal account, not the Brave browser itself). I do believe that each user has their own session file though- so if people are using another account, they should never have access to your session file (bookmarks, history, etc)


Hi Clifton,

Sorry, yes let me be a bit more clear.

I am the office manager here at work. On the computer I work at, is just
one user login “Admin” with a login password.

I use Mozilla for the work related browsing stuff and the work Gmail
account and then I use Google Chrome for all my personal stuff. However I
am now using Brave as well, for my crypto trading things.

On occasions, the Manager or some other staff may need to get on this
computer to access some record or whatever, so I want a way that stops them
accessing (snooping) my bookmarks and saved logins.
Adding a new user login will stuff up the Outlook calendar that the manager
sometimes needs to access, so that option is a no go.

Basically I want to be able to secure my personal browser behind a
password. Which is what I have done in Access VBA, by creating a password
input box that opens the browser to a specific page. I have then deleted
all shortcuts so hopefully none of the staff will know to look for it.

Does this make better sense?



Hello! I am looking for something similar too… I would like to “Lock” this browser just for me on this PC. Is it possible yet?

Edit : The other users don’t have the knowledge to bypass my password.


Hi @Nack what did you mean by ‘Edit : The other users don’t have the knowledge to bypass my password.’


@clifton I didn’t consider this to be a necessary requirement at first but recently I’ve started using Brave’s Built-In manager and having just had a look at about:passwords not knowing that it was possible before and I have to say it is slightly worrying that that kind of information is visible as it is.

I created a topic suggesting a sort of mulit-plex-password solution for not only the browser but technologies within the browser and a good reason for it - Enhancing private data security & Brave’s Built-In about:passwords hopefully you can see if it’s worth implementing.

After seeing how easy it was to access the password manager and copy password to clipboard and the usernames so plain, I thought better solution and design needs to be developed.

Enhancing private data security & Brave's Built-In about:passwords
Storings passwords to password manager
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