Password managers Stopped working


I am using brave on Windows 10, and password management is set to “Dashlane”, but there is no dashlane password management at all. I also have a premium Lastpass account and switching from Dashlane to Lastpass with thw same results. No Lastpass. What was changed that stopped them worm working?


Hi @renegilo,

What do you mean by “there is no Dashlane password management at all”?

I’m on win8.1 and Brave 0.15.314 and Dashlane is working great. In the screenshot below, my Dashlane icon is active. If your Dashlane icon “offline”/inactive/grey, you need to log in to Dashlane first.

To set Dashlane as password manager, you need Dashlane app installed too.Setting up Dashlane as described in End User FAQ:

Hope this can help.
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