Password manager = show passwords


How do i reveal my passwords in password manager?


There is no way to reveal the passwords. You can copy the password using the copy button next to the password field and paste in editor to verify.


Hi. Is this something BRAVE plans to change in the future? Doesn’t seem secure to copy the password outside of the browser environment (this might be security paranoia - nonsensical) but more importantly why can’t/isn’t it displayed within the browser instead of added steps like copying and pasting it elsewhere, potentially requiring the launch of another application to view it?

Seems like poor UX as well no? When you say “paste in editor”, is that referring to a secure, default editor BRAVE has or an editor of choice the user has to launch?


This will be fixed on brave-core. The default password manager provides an option to view the saved password. This feature won’t be implemented on the current release version. You can download the experimental dev build from here.