Password manager protected password

When I open Brave I enter my password to access to the password manager. I have noticed that if I don’t enter the password within a specific time, about 20 seconds or get it wrong and then the browser opens I have to re-authenticate with a number of websites again. As an example, usually if open my browser I can go directly to my youtube account when I open youtube. But if I miss the timing when first opening up brave then I have to re log back into youtube. It’s not so much of a hassle with the password manager but becomes a hassle for sites that I have 2FA enabled on.

Anyhow, long story short, is their a way to length how long the security box is open for when the browser first opens up?

also, I have noticed Brave seems to be somewhat censoring my searches. I will add yandex and I am starting to find anything out of the US seems to be doing this these days.

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