Password Manager is getting harder to use

First, they started hiding passwords behind a PIN wall, so I have to get to a password one at a time. Now they’re hiding the usernames behind the same wall. What next? Will they start hiding the URLs themselves?
By the way, when I say “hiding behind a PIN wall”, I mean that I have to type in the PIN, click on a link, and then click to show the password. And if I don’t figure everything out in 5 minutes, the PIN wall comes back up.
Using PM was much easier to do a couple months ago, but now they’re making it worse and worse.

I prefer how the passwords are hidden. Security matters most…

Then why didn’t they hide them like that at the beginning? I’ve used this browser for years, and yet they decided to make the Manager harder and harder to use starting only a few months ago.

I’m not too sure how it used to be in the beginning. I’ve also been using brave for a while, but I can’t really recall or differentiate between now and then but I do like the fact of masking the passwords from potential hackers for security reasons.

I suppose someone else would also be able to contribute to this discussion…

@fredsworth I’d like to say it’s because Brave reconsidered things, but if you take a look at Chrome you’ll see the changes were made there. This is just yet another upstream change that got brought to Brave. I have no idea how much of it carries, but essentially like 90% of Brave is just Chromium base. Then they strip anything that violates privacy and add their own features. But much of appearance and the base engine is going to be exactly like Chrome.

It is done there to help reduce the amount of information people might see. By all means it is an improvement for privacy and security.

No you don’t. Go to password manager and click on something. You’ll have to enter your pin. But from then on, you can click back and click on the next, consistently revealing passwords and other information. You’ll only need to provide your pin again if you exit that area.

And let’s face it, the average person is never going through and trying to access every single username and password they have for sites. They are looking just for particular sites only. Otherwise they are just going to import/export.

How it used to be was that the list of URLs, usernames, and passwords were all on the same page. If I wanted to see the passwords, I would enter the PIN, click the eye icons, and see as many passwords as I wanted. 5 minutes would be plenty of time to see all the passwords.
Then, they decided to hide the passwords behind a PIN wall. I needed to go to another individual page to access them. Soon enough, they put the usernames on those individual pages. It gets harder and harder to use each time.
As for security, I don’t think Brave cares about security the way that you think it does. At first, you would be able to get BATs from using the browser. Now, you need to create a wallet that links to a website that needs your Social Security number to get the same BATs.
And yes. More people should be talking about this.

“Go to password manager and click on something. You’ll have to enter your pin. But from then on, you can click back and click on the next, consistently revealing passwords and other information.”
That is exactly what I’m talking about when I say “so I have to get to a password one at a time”. Chrome did something dumb. Brave should not have to do that dumb thing.

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@fredsworth I think this is where people do have to kind of understand that state that Brave is in. Unlike Microsoft and others, Brave doesn’t really employ a lot of people to work on the browser. They don’t go through to mix and match a lot of features and they rarely ever do any big lifts to substantiate themselves from Chrome.

If it’s done to Chome or Chromium, it’s very likely it’s going to happen in Brave. The exceptions to the rule would be those little things that get added to collect our data and all. Just like when Google was talking of its Web Integrity API which Brave was adamant they would dedicate resources to strip and make sure never appeared in Brave.

I think the main issue here is that there’s no real benefit to keeping it the old way, especially with how current setup is more apt to keep your information a bit more secure. The amount of time and money required to build it out different just isn’t “worth it.”

I’ve asked Brendan Eich before about considering building Brave out of something else or even being fully independent. His answer was something along the lines that it’s always being looked into and considered, but Brave just doesn’t have the resources for it yet.

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This isn’t about building Brave out of anything. This is about fixing something that was never broken and hasn’t been broken for years. If whoever made this browser cared about security, they would’ve never changed the BAT Rewards system to force me to use a wallet that needs my Social Security Number in order to work properly.

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Honestly, this turns into a big conversation and debate. Between laws and regulations, fraud, and a bunch of other little details. I know I’ve written some details in places like links below:

Then there’s my long reply to someone on a topic relating to flagged accounts but also has information relating to this same conversation, which you can see at Brave refusing to reinstate my rewards account after repeatedly flagging, connecting, and disconnecting - #4 by Saoiray

Anyway, let me stop responding as I’m not intending to do it for the last word or anything. Just was trying to give info it it might have helped bring any clarity. I know you may not agree with a lot of it and may not be happy. I know I definitely agree that I’d be doing things differently, but not much I guess we can say or do in the long run.

You don’t have to hear me, but I think that I should reply anyway. This isn’t about government regulations on crypto or whatever (though the first question is misleading. “Why can’t I get paid directly to Brave Wallet?” should be closer to “Why can’t I get paid directly to Brave Wallet anymore?”). This is about the claim that making the PM harder to use by forcing your to click on pages to see passwords (and now both usernames and passwords) is good because of “security”.
I couldn’t care less about the PIN; I care about the new and increasingly restrictive pages. They weren’t needed in the past, so why are they needed now? I do not expect a response for you. I just need to get this off of my chest.

He has explained that several times but you don’t seem to want to listen - or perhaps understand.
By my reckoning it is 2 extra clicks with the mouse - get over it will you.

I listened. And I understood. Allow me to recap.
I made a thread to voice a complaint I had about how the Password Manager is getting harder to use. I was given two responses: A change in Chromium, and increased security.
I criticized the “change in Chromium” response by saying that I don’t care what Brave was built out of. I just felt that Google made a dumb change, and that Brave shouldn’t be forced to make that change. What I was upset about was them fixing something that hasn’t been broken for years.
I criticized the “security” response by mentioning changes to the BAT rules by forcing me to use a wallet that wants my SSN for it to work properly. That didn’t count, apparently, because the change was the result of government regulations.
My question was why the pages to increase security were needed now, and not needed years ago.
And one more thing: Telling me to “get over” a new seemingly trivial change because “more security” is exactly how anything can be justified in the name of “security.” It’s happened throughout human history, and that excuse will only allow more “security” to make things even more pointlessly complicated.

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:heart_eyes:Lol… I get it
All the best

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