Password manager efficiency fixes

Password management is a big deal for many people - here are two feature requests to make it easier and more efficient:

  1. Make a keyboard shortcut available to go straight to passwords. Since many of us have to look up a password daily or even multiple times a day, a shortcut (keyboard and/or mouse) would add significant efficiency!

  2. Within the password manager, often a person has multiple passwords saved for the same website, either because there are multiple logins (or legacy logins) or because the site has multiple login URLs. So for instance, if I want to look up a google password, I may have 10 of them. I’m not sure which one I need. So I click on the first one, then have to enter my local password to see the PW, and I discover it’s the wrong one. So I click the back arrow; but instead of going back to my list of google accounts, it resets to the entire password list, and I have to search for “google” again; having to repeat this many times. So the feature request is that the back-arrow in this case go back to the search results and not back to the entire password list.

UPDATE - I just realized that an earlier version of Brave had a “view” button next to each password so that problem #2 wasn’t a problem; this is a new issue since the “view” button was discontinued. Maybe the easiest fix is to bring back the “view” button on PW manager?

@seinfeld which way do you mean for this? Like to get to password manager? There’s a way to add a keyboard shortcut for it if you’d like. You can check out available shortcuts at brave://settings/system/shortcuts, where you can add, edit, or remove shortcuts to a wide variety of options. One of them is as you see below:


Which I tested by adding,


Hitting that shortcut automatically opens brave://password-manager/passwords

Have you not been using the most recent version? For example, check out below:

I click on Facebook and it shows all of my accounts:

It’s the same regardless of the site, such as Google logins below:

But even when I click on things like Facebook on the first one, I’m able to hit the back arrow on top to revert back to my search:

And that brings me to:

So there’s no constant back and forth like you’re mentioning. And on the screen(s) where I show that multiple logins were available, I only had to enter my OS password once. From then on I was able to just reveal all passwords one by one.

It could be that there’s some slight difference depending on the OS and all, but I wanted to point this out a bit for you and have you double check what you’re mentioning. As far as I know, what you’re describing is older behavior and makes it seem like you’ve not updated to 1.58 and beyond.

Hi, Brave for MacOS does not look at all like your screenshots. Thanks for trying though! There are no keyboard shortcuts under System, only under Extensions; and per my UPDATE on request, there USED to be a view button next to each PW but no longer. And no, the back button does what I said. That said, I do not have the very latest version of Brave. I will install it presently and report back.

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