Password manager catches Sign-in name but not Password for some sites

Am using this version Brave under Ubuntu 18.04 on Linux desktop
Version 1.21.76 Chromium: 89.0.4389.86 (Official Build) (64-bit)

The problem is that for one site, my username for its signon is remembered and offered up by Brave, but not for the Password for that site.

Brave has not offered to log details (username and password) into this site.
But it has worked perfectly for this Brave Community site, where I entered name and password and Brave asked if I wanted to keep details in Password Manager.

When I go to Password Manager I can see the Brave Community entry and password,
but not for the other website, as the yes/No option of logging the Username Password in Password manager was never asked by Brave.

Each time I enter that site, Brave will offer up the correct Sign-In name, which I click, but
then I am left to type in the 15 character password by hand every time.

Is there any way to force or trigger Password Manage into asking to save username Password details for one site or another? Why is Password Manager not popping up for this one site?

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Which site is it? also does the same issue occur in Chrome?

Its the login page here

I don’t know about Chrome, but Firefox behaves well retaining Login name and Password

Brave simply offers me my Login name but no Password continuance.

Can check later, but will need a dummy sim number to sign up.

But I would recommend testing in Chrome, if it occurs there, then its something that’ll need to be fixed by them. Brave doesn’t change the password options compared to Chrome.

I installed Chromium, and its Password Manager works perfectly.
A box dropped down at top right, asking if I wanted to save Login and Password.

Version 89.0.4389.90 (Official Build) snap (64-bit)

My problem with Brave failing to capture the Login and Password, now seem to have come right.

I entered a different Login name for the same site, and Brave then asked whether to capture both Login and Password. So, that is good.

I can only guess Brave logged a flawed Site/Log-in name pair, somehow, in that first instance. Repeating the log-in process gave Brave a 2nd data set which I could then confirm as being Valid.

Thank you for getting back to me.

Could also use a third-party extension to handle passwords also?

No, not necessary at present, I believe.

Apart from that initial bad Site/Login/Password data capture and query, once it was re-run with a 2nd Site/Login/Password entry, then all is going as expected.

If anything, access from Brave Settings to that Site/Login/Password data set would be helpful. For debugging (in this case), or for back-up. But I’m sure backup of Bookmarks, Logins and Passwords already exists for Brave.

Thank you again.

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