Password manager always appears, despite being turned off

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Description of the issue:

Password manager is always displayed on login fields, despite being disabled in the settings. I want to use KeePass for my password manager, but Brave’s password manager overrides KeePass’s, so keepass doesn’t always work.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Disable Brave password manager
  2. Go to a website that requires a password (e.g.
  3. Put cursor in login field
  4. Password manager appears anyway

Expected result:

  1. Show me password suggests from Keepass
  2. Do not show me password manager from Brave

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Brave 1.58.137, Chromium 117.0.5938.153

Mobile Device details
Android 13; Build/TP1A.220624.014

Additional Information:

@ce603 I don’t own Android 13 to try, but I would like to clarify…are you sure that it’s showing you Brave’s password manager? Because Brave typically shows up a bit differently. It appears yours is off and you’re being presented from OS password manager. You can read more about that at

And this also likely walks you through your issue, as you may not have set KeePass as your password manager in your Android settings.

So in the first screenshot, if i click the little lock next to the credit card, I’m presented with this screen…

…a list lf saved passwords for (no passwords are listed because I don’t use any password manager outside of KeePass/KeePass2Android). If I click manage passwords on this screen l, I’m taken to the settings for Brave’s password manager, which makes me think this is brave-related and not OS-related.

That said, here are my android settings…

Any thoughts?

@ce603 I’m trying to do some research. Some were saying that Keepass2Android is unstable on Android 13 and they had to switch to KeepassDX. I’d have to dig deeper to see the difference between them and what’s legitimate or not. But to show you a bit of where I was looking:

I guess let me ask, can you confirm if it works elsewhere? I mean, I’m seeing a lot of posts from people in various locations saying the app you’re using doesn’t work.

@ce603 also want to link to which was a response to some people who said it wasn’t working on chromium browsers on Android. Came across it after finding

Keepass2Android autofills in other apps about 80-90% of the time. The weird thing is it autofills in brave most of the time, too. If i open K2A, unlock the db, and switch back to the app, about 50% of the time it will show the autofill prompt below that black bar with the key/credit card/location icons.

I haven’t had any stability issues, the only problem has been with autofilling my password in other applications being inconsistent. It otherwise runs without issues.

I will look into using keepassdx instead, or perhaps another password manager altogether, although i like keepass and have been using it for more than a decade…

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I’ll tag in @Mattches just in case he has anything else to say or if he might decide to link in anyone from Mobile/Android team(s). But at least was trying to dig in myself.

Just not sure if I was seeing issues with Brave as you listed, but he’ll at least be able to recognize more on it and perhaps have some answers.

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