Password Maker built-in


Good morning,

I use Password Maker (see for more info) as a password generator rather than 1Pass or LastPass or any of the others. I.e.: I calculate my password every time I log in using a formula, rather than store a list of passwords some where.

It would be totally awesome if Password Maker functionality was integrated directly into Brave. I think this fits really well with the mission of privacy and security. In Google Chrome there’s a few extensions that provide that functionality but it’s so simple it could be integrated.

In Brave > Preferences > Security > Passwords and Forms there could be an additional choice in the drop-down for Password Maker Built-in and the Manage Passwords… link would take you a page to fill-in the parameters for the Password Maker formula.

Thanks for your consideration!


Hi @schultzter

Interesting idea! I have logged your feature request, it can be tracked at the link below. I am closing this thread so if you have additional ideas or requests please feel free to open a new thread for each one. Thanks for your feedback!


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