Password lock / encrypt Brave Browser for security and privacy reasons

For security and privacy reasons, i would like to see a feature where i can password lock my browser.

A browser is set up for ease of use, so In my browser i store my passwords, my most important bookmarks, links to my cryptowallets / adresses for easy access, portfolio’s, to exchanges i use, etc.

Eventhough my windows 10 has a password (which can be bypassed very easily) and every other loging requires a 2FA, a lot of information can be gathered from just opening my browser and checking my bookmarks or going in to settings and checking stored passwords (eventhough you can’t see them), etc. This can tell someone much more information than im willing to give.

So if someone were to ever get access to my pc, either a maleficent person, or even just someone like the IRS, or some other agency i don’t want snooping around, i can prevent that from happening or choose to give them access if im willing to cooperate.

I know a lot of people that use their browser in a similar way, and would be very happy to see a feature like this.

Also, Chrome doesn’t have this so would be another +1 for Brave :wink:



Yess, something like brave lock


Yes we need this I want it too. It would be fantastic.

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@Mikey219 @iann @50cent If you use a password protected Standard User Account in Windows 10 all your passwords, addresses, etc. in Brave are private and cannot be seen by other users, but of course they are not encrypted. Your Windows 10 password is needed to view and make changes to this info.

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@jaybird thanks for you reply, although it kinda ignores everything i say…

Yes you cannot view the passwords. But lets say someone does get in. They can still access my bookmarks, addresses, history, and even log in to websites that don’t have / require a 2FA

like i mentioned in my first post. Too much data can be gathered from just accessing my browser.

Just give me the possibility to lock/encrypt it and you are done! Add that extra level of security that makes Brave trump the other browsers even more!


This just makes sense, and is already something that has been implemented in the iOS app, so I would hope that it’s at least in development already and that we might see it for other Brave browsers in the very near future.

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Hello all. Been looking for a way to lock the browser under a password.
Arrived at LockPW, as an extension for Chrome. Tried it. Works for me and my Brave :slight_smile:

It is not that secure. It is possible to disable it using your browser task manager and the extension gets disabled.

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Hi all, I used “chrome lock” extension for both my brave and chrome. I am not sure how secure may be, however, it asks for an unlock code when I sign in to my user account

Came here to say this.I use firefox for the same reason:it has a primary password and no one can login or use password requiring websites without the primary password.

This one single feature has been the last thing protecting me from switching as my laptop is used by other family members sometimes


We need a master password


Yes, I totally endorse the original post. Brave in MacOS should have its own password per Profile. Erasing all browsing history is not the solution because I want the Cookies to be stay.


My PC was infected. The malware export all my saved passwords to a cvs file even though my PC has a Windows login password.
Would be nice to have a second authentication procedure to allow password export.
Any synced section in more than one PC can be a weak point for this kind of threat.
It would be great marketing if Brave implements this before Chrome itself.

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Yes! This (Master Password to lock entire browser) is absolutely must have and should be as soon as possible…
Anyone who require this, please leave you mark at the issue on GitHub’s Brave Browser project page here:
[Feature Request] Master password for Brave desktop versions #13350

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I second the original suggestion. Please consider introducing the Master Password that would allow you to lock your stored passwords. It shouldn’t be too much of a hassle to implement such a feature and it would increase the overall security significantly.

A must-have feature, without it, I’m still not using Brave 100% although, I love this browser so much 1 <3

I really don’t know why people keep going to Necro some of these posts and why people don’t search for similar topics first. Anyway…it’s something to be released and that has been acknowledged


Don’t store your password in a Browser" Allways use a password manager with a master password. That way you can make sure that noone you don’t want have access to it.

As for you bookmarks I don’t know why their so valuable to you. It’s just a shortcut.

To get rid of your sensitive data when you leave your PC, I would also suggest delete your Browsing data, cookies etc. on Exit in settings.