Password import from other browsers


Hi developers and users.
This feature was requested many times, and I’d like to say that this feature is quiet important.

I downloaded and am using Brave Browser, just because I invested some money into BAT.

I recommended some of my friends to use this browser, but they refused because they could not transfer their saved passwords from other browsers.
and personally I wouldnt want to move to this browser if i didnt invest my money.

Yes I agree Brave browser is faster than other browsers in most cases, but the thing is the other browsers are fast enough as well. I never have faced any problem with using safari, chrome or firefox, they were just fine.

I dont think there are not many people who would give up their convenience over even faster loading speed, nor privacy.


Hi @BAT,

Brave on desktop already have this feature (re:ability to import password from other browsers).
To do this, click hamburger menu > Bookmarks > Import Browser Data…


But sadly, Brave not have this for mobile. The team workin on sync feature, so you can import your browser data on desktop then securely synced it to Brave on mobile.



Hi @eljuno

Thanks for the reply!

However, I’ve imported browser data from chrome, with that setting on. I have tried it twice, so I thought it was a mock up, and so wanted to grab some attention and say this function is important.

I just tried import my password again, it was my third time, but it didnt work.

Is there any known competibility issue between brave browser and google chrome?
Im currently using Chrome Version 63.0.3239.84 (Official Build) (64-bit) and Brave Version 0.19.123


Hello, I was a very happy user of Brave untill I imported everything from Firefox and Chrome into Brave.
After that Brave is slower than my Commodore 64 back in the '90s.
Once I open Brave it feels like it uses everything it needs to start up. While running everything is very very slow and you-tube movies pauses every 12 - 15 seconds.
When closing Brave down it feels it is still working on the brackground to close things down. After about 3 to 4 minutes my computer starts to act normal again.
To place this post I even had to shut down Brave and went into Firefox again to manage it.
I’m gonna remove Brave from my computer and reïnstall it again without the option of importing things from Chrome and Firefox…let’s see if I can get it back “the old way”

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