Password help kindle

Description of the issue:
Password manager was on, but missed second confirmation step.
Need email account password (still logged in to acct.), but need password to change password. Ugh
How can this issue be reproduced? (by repeating my stupidity)

Expected result:

Brave Version( check About Brave):
1.64.113 Chromium 123.0.6312.86

Mobile Device details
Android 9; Build/7329.3842N

Additional Information:

Brave’s password manager doesn’t have a password of its own. It uses your device’s password. So whatever you use for your lock screen is what you use to view passwords in your password manager.

** EDIT **

Just in case I read what you mentioned wrong and you’re not complaining about being unable to view passwords, but instead are saying you replaced the old password with new one and you’re asking how you can see the old password for the website…there’s no way that I’m aware of.

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Thanks Saoiray. My problem is my email acct. which I access through theBrave browser. My browser side is okay. I need the “saved” email acct. password, but by missing the second verification that my Brave asks, I think I shot myself in the foot.

I am a little confused and unsure how to help. I think the difficult part is you are speaking of a verification by Brave and also a password. If you are using any premium services by Brave, there is no password. Instead they just send you an email and you use it to access your account.

And if you are speaking of password for some other website and you saved it in password manager, you should be able to view it. If you did not choose to save it to Brave’s password manager, then Brave wouldn’t be able to help at all in you determining what your password was.

I also do not know what you are speaking of when you mention a second confirmation step, if it is something different than mentioned.

Perhaps you can try to provide more details of the issue?

Brave is a browser. I have email accts on various url’s, which require passwords. The password for one of my email accts is not listed on the Brave password manager list. This is very likely due to me having skipped by the Brave “pop-up” message asking if I want to “save” it eventhough I had already turned on the “Save Passwords” option. This is why aI called it a second confirmation. I will try to figure it out. Thanks for your efforts.

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Ah, yeah. It never auto saves and requires confirmation each time. Sorry to hear you might have that issue. Unfortunately wouldn’t be anything that can be done from Brave’s side.

Just FYI, Brave also has VPN, AI (called Leo), Wallet, Creators, Rewards, and a few other things. This is why I was trying to make sure I understood exactly what you were trying to access. At least is known.

Good luck. Hopefully that website will be able to assist you somehow.

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