Password entry crashing Brave. Most Logins affected


ok so the weirdest thing is happening.

Brave worked perfectly for me for over a year. Did the recent update today. Worked fine. My father has been unable to login to via MSN browser to access his hotmail. It would crash everytime he input the password. no time to hit login key or enter. Could not change or update password due to this.

We reset the password to his account from my computer. Now my computer is doing the exact same thing. now neither of us can login to any sites using Brave. Crashes as soon as the password is entered. If i enter something other than the correct password it does not crash. as soon as the exact correct password is completed, bye bye…

any ideas? i tried restarting the computer, uninstalling Brave and reinstalling it, etc. nothing is working!!

is this a virus? why whould my computer be affected after resetting his password? i didnt even log into his email. Just reset the password to it.


It is a know bug that sadly slipped through the qa testers but the hotfix is on it’s way and it will probably be released tonight :+1:


@Lifted1 Could you please update to 0.16.9 and confirm if the issue is fixed?


I just installed Brav 0.16.9 on Ubuntu 17.04 today Jun 11 and have the same issues with, Godaddy, and even once while setting up this account. What I first thought the issue was is using special characters, but has a special character (!,$,%,^,*) and was able to log in. Looking forward to using Brave as main browser, I have read many good reviews.

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