Password, Data and Profile Issues

Password, Data and Profile Issues Have Brave Nightly Crash

Today, I have started to have many issues with brave mostly with password saving issues. I had a sync chain with my phone and sometime it seemed like brave crashed and after it seemingly crashed it had updated(using the nightly version at that point) all my saved passwords were wiped. I tried using the sync chain to restore them back multiple times and it never solved the problem. Eventually I just deleted the sync chain and tried to import my password manually using the Export/Import passwords options but was still unable to have them saved after closing the window or refreshing. I tried this on all version of brave, (Release, Beta, Nightly) and all of them can import my passwords but once I try to bring my user data from the “User Data” file the passwords are immediately deleted. I already attempted to “reset” browser settings. I am thinking that there is something that got corrupted in my User Data file/folder but am not sure.

  1. Install Brave Release, Beta or Nightly
  2. Import passwords from CVS
  3. refresh page/brave to ensure passwords were saved
  4. copy User Data folder to proper location
  5. reopen brave to see user data has been imported
  6. check saved passwords
  7. Passwords should not longer be saved and any attempt to reimport should fail

Expected results is that the passwords would be saved across restarts and reloading of pages.

initially on Brave Nightly 1.69.80 for Windows 10
tested on Brave Beta (current release)
and Brave Release (current release)

I have a feeling my user data folder/file got corrupted and am wondering if there is anyway to keep all or most of the data without having to do it all manually. Also am wondering with the user data getting potentially corrupted, if this originated from the Brave Nightly crash, and now affects all versions of brave being used.
Thank you!