Password and 2nd tier authentication issues

Description of the issue:
For many web sites Brave does not remember that I told the browser that I wanted to remain logged in. For all sites where I have it enabled Brave does not remember that I indicated that I don’t need to do the 2nd tier authentication on this browser. Most sites at least remember my id and password but not all and still do not keep me logged in after an update to Brave. is an example. The ones that are the most annoying are major players. i.e. facebook, amazon, ebay, and messenger. Even if there is not an update to Brave, if the browser is closed for a while, I have to enter everything from scratch. One strange thing is that the userids and passwords are in the settings list for these sites so I just don’t get why it doesn’t work.
How can this issue be reproduced?
As I mention, after any update to Brave or after a period of time where the browser is closed. Everytime. Easy to reproduce.
Expected result:
The expected result is that going to one of these web sites where I have told the browser to keep me logged in and that 2nd tier authentication is not needed should take me to the actual web site not the login screen and certainly should not require me to do the 2nd tier authentication.
Brave Version( check About Brave):
Version 1.40.107 Chromium: 103.0.5060.53 (Official Build) (64-bit) (
Additional Information:
I’m running mxlinux 19.4

I’m wondering if you have any data set to be cleared “on exit”? This would explain why the information disappears when the browser is closed manually or relaunched after an update.

Settings —> History --> Clear browsing data —> On exit

Thanks for the tip. However, all my clear on exit choices are not checked. I don’t remember if I added to the description

that if I log back in immediately after closing the browser everything works as it should. Even the 2nd tier stuff.


OK, I see this is on Linux.

If I’m understanding you correctly, if you close the browser and then re-open it right away the problem does not occur?

Roughly how much time must pass (guesstimate) before the issue happens?

How do you typically ‘unlock’ your computer – username/password, or some kind of PIN or biometric such as fingerprint?

Also, can you include the content of brave://version/ ?


Thanks for looking into this.

I do not turn off this computer. I close the browser, though.

I haven’t measured the time between using the browser, but often I use it in the morning

and then again in the early afternoon. If I close the browser and realize that I forgot something,

opening it immediately lets everything work properly.

You do present a good idea. I’ll experiment to see how long between off and on it still works.

Here’s the output you asked about:


Check these:

  1. Open brave://settings/cookies then check settings as in image

  1. Open brave://settings/passwords then check settings as in image

  1. Open brave://settings/shields then check settings as in image

  1. Open brave://policy: it should look like this

  1. If not working, open brave://flags; then RESET ALL (I presume you haven’t made any change before in flags)

@Qiset your brave version was cut off in your reply which I’d be interested to know (as well as how long it takes for this data to…“disappear”?

Here it is for another try.

All of these are the same as you show except the brave://settings/shields

Here’s what it has:

It reads like you wanted me to reset the flags if I couldn’t get the other things. Is that true?

Thank you for your help.


Yes. If you have enabled or disabled features in flags before, it is better not to reset flags.

This afternoons activity took me away from my computer but I can relate this. After one hour, the logins worked (remembered

my automatic login which included the 2nd tire data.)

After six hours it did not. I’ll work to get closer times.


I know you said you don’t turn off the computer, but does it ‘lock’ like with a screen saver for example?

And if so,

No. I purposely leave the harddrive running (it actually is an ssd) and the only thing that happens is the monitor goes to sleep after 10 minutes.

No login on wake up either.

Ok, two hours after last login and it requires the full login.


Not sure if I’m missing it, but do we have the brave://version/ content in here anyplace?


Check if you have an app that is set to automatically clears cache and cookies periodically.

Try this:

  1. Log in to
  2. Open brave://settings/cookies
  3. Add to Sites that can always use cookies
  4. Open brave://settings/system; Enable Continue running background apps when Brave is closed

I have but here it is again.

Thank you for these suggestions. It already has the continue running set to allow.

I am trying your suggestion of adding the web site to my allowed cookies. That really

makes sense too. Fingers crossed! I will report on this.

Let us know if you’re still having issues.

Meanwhile for some reason, the content of brave://version isn’t coming thru. If you still have problems that could be very valuable, so we should sort that out.

Adding the site to the cookies allowed list has worked. I’ve tested it for a bit and adding it to the list then restarting the browser was

the trick.

I also made a photo of the version info that I will include just for completeness.


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