Passcode behavior in new iOS version

I use the iOS version of the Brave browser and a feature that I really liked was the ability to lock the app with a passcode, but since the latest version (1.29 I think) now the app uses the same passcode as my device and I can’t choose a different one. I do not really like this change because I used this feature so people who know my device passcode wouldn’t be able to also go looking through the browser I use.

I would like to see an option added to also be able to choose a passcode different from that of my device, like it was before.



In the meantime,

if you are not concerned about possibly losing your Brave iOS Saved Logins (if any); and,

if you want to create a new [Settings > SECURITY >] “Passcode for Logins”:

  1. Back up your Bookmarks (as a matter of practice).

  2. Un-install Brave iOS.

  3. Optional (if you are not concerned about losing Saved Logins): Restart your iPhone, following Apple’s guidance: “”

  4. Install latest Brave iOS.

  5. Go to Settings > SECURITY > Passcode for Logins

  6. Turn Passcode ON

You should be able to create/enter a new Passcode for Logins.

Recent info, resetting the Passcode for Logins:

Reinstalling the app and enabling Passcode for Logins will use the same passcode as my device and it will not ask for a new passcode. I have also tried on a different device which did not have Brave previously installed and had the same results.

So . . . you cannot use the “Change Passcode” function:


Correct? (And, how does that fail - specifically?)

And, you also tried the Apple restart:

  • uninstall Brave iOS
  • restart Apple iDevice (per Apple guidance)
  • reinstall Brave iOS


Yes, I did uninstall , restart and reinstall the app. Also, in my version of the app which was released yesterday 1.29 (, the security tab looks different from the one in your screenshot and there is no change passcode option. I can only toggle browser on or off, automatically using the same passcode as my device. This is intended, as I received a splash screen after the update saying that now the passcode is the same as my phone, but I would like an option added to change it if I want to.


Huh. Brave Software did it again. Updated Brave iOS silently - not telling anybody at Brave Community, nor in the Latest Releases webpage - still at version 1.28:

Screen Shot 2021-08-05 at 10.21.40 AM

GitHub - Brave iOS - still at version 1.28:

So . . . when you originally wrote “1.29” in your Request, I thought you made a typo. But of course not. You are simply trying to restore sanity.

I dug a little and discovered what has happened. Brave iOS coders have, for a long time, been trying to resolve various bugs related to the Passcode protection for Logins.

They resolved (at least for now, as far as I can tell) to borrow/use the Apple iDevice authentication . . . and we are locked out (for now, at least) from manually editing and changing the Passcode for Logins:

The issue at GitHub (for Brave iOS), you might take a look:

You may notice, over on the right, at that webpage, the Linked issues:

Screen Shot 2021-08-05 at 10.27.46 AM

When at that webpage, you may hover your mouse over those and get a brief idea, or you may click on them to read more.

Thank you for taking the time to try my suggestions. I did not know there is a new version of Brave iOS.

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Thank you for your help and the quick responses.

Hopefully the ability to have a custom passcode will come back, as to the new system does not make much sense, since now if someone knows my phone password, they can also easily access Brave. Now the passcode only protects my data in the case I leave my phone unlocked and someone starts looking through it, a scenario which I find highly unlikely, at least in my case. Is there a place where I could suggest this so the dev team could maybe see my suggestion and reasoning behind it?


Up at the GitHub link, you will find GitHub names of developers. Some [perhaps most] of whom are also part of Brave Software / Brave Support.

At that GitHub webpage, over on the right, above (“Reviewers”), and beneath (“participants”), the “Linked issues” . . . are some such names.

You may recognize some of the images/labels associated with those names. And those images as well as something in the names, may ring a bell with some of the people at Brave Software / Brave Support.

Name matched:

Example - at Brave Community:

Screen Shot 2021-08-05 at 3.37.19 PM

Example - at GitHub:

Screen Shot 2021-08-05 at 3.37.48 PM

Sometimes the name matches; sometimes the image matches.

With time, you’ll get to know them.

You might participate at GitHub — look over all that you have discovered since your OP, and contribute your view — find out how to do that at GitHub.

Get Started at GitHub: “

Documents (guidance) at GitHub: “

Brave iOS at GitHub: “

There, scroll down to: “Brave for iOS” - take a glance; and back near the top, click on “Issues” to see what is going on, in the garage area.

Do not quit; and, maintain an even strain.

Possibly related issue: