Partial Payout and not all tips recieved

Good day!

I hope you all are doing fine.

After the April payout meltdown, I am left with this.

The partial tip part has already been cleared to me, because i recieved it in the first week, then accounts get frozen for calculation etc, all fine.

My question was, a fan send me ~60 BAT as tips, but those haven’t showed up yet.

I read about the closing of the window to fast and then the server not handling the request, so i asked my fan to keep the browser open for a long time (>1hour).

From his wallet, the tips do have been deduced, but my publishers wallet still shows nothing.

I read in the faq tips can take up to 10 days to process, but now more days have gone by, and still nothing.

Here is the link to my yt channel, to which the fan send the tip:

The question being, where is the tip? Did everyhting go allright?

Have a nice day, and keep up the good work Brave team!!!

This is a bump to get a reaction.

same problem sir, i just recived 10 bat from 20 bat tip

Official Stance:
Why have I only received a portion of my tip?

This can occur when a user sends a tip but closes their browser too quickly, halting the tipping process before it can complete. After a period of time, the remaining undelivered portion of the tip should be returned to the sender’s wallet and be reflected in the wallet balance accordingly. Given our privacy protocol for tips, there is not much we can do at the moment apart from wait and see.

how long will be returned?

No idea, i didnt have mine returned. End user got 19/20, 1 bat went missing

no problem if just 1 bat and i lost maybe 40% bat

because i get tip 159 bat and just recived 118 Bat :frowning: so sad

I don’t see how you can expect a tipster to keep the browser or window open long enough for the full payment to go through, surely it needs to be made clearer and if needed a timer to suggest that all the tips have cleared.

I knew this, commented on this in the post, with that the user kept the browser open for more than 1 hour. also no sign of returned money but also no tip.

A timer is a good idea, or maybe a notification saying dont close the browser in the next minute or smth.

1 BAT missing is easily explained, Brave takes a 5% fee i think


Indeed, 40% is way too much missing, just like in my case

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