Partial (failed) downloads cannot be seen by file manager apps

Incomplete downloads are hidden from file manager apps that track space usage. Multiple failures can waste a lot of disk space. Brave users have to “know” how to find these to manually clean them up.

It doesn’t look like settings allows us to change the default download directory anymore, and it seems we cannot make the dl-in-progress files visible or change this directory either.

The directory for my last download appears to be: content://media/external/downloads/1000000990,
which cannot be seen by any other app.

A device low on space must let file managers with cleanup tools at least know how much data is in hidden in inaccessible directories. Presently, no file mgr app can find this partially complete mp3 or this “external” directory.

Brave 1.60.110, Chromium 119.0.6045.105

Android 12; Build/SP2A.220505.008

Yeah, its an old phone…

---- update

Rebooting freed up some space, and now the download completes and appears to other apps. I’ve updated my above analysis to focus on actual issues.

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