Partial deposit of BAT

Hi Team,
I Had 1.750 Bat in the browser and on the payment date 6- April only 0.250 BAT got deposited in Browser’s crypto wallet. Could please confirm on this behavior? since i was expecting whole 1.750 BAT to get transferred


Its mean you only get 0.250 bat in March

yes siemionAziz , i only received 0.250 in wallet!

I mean you only get 0.250 bat at March. Wait next month for April payout

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Hi @peterkhalko, the 1.500 BAT was likely accumulated close to payout processing and will go toward the next payout date, as SimeonAziz said :slight_smile: The same happened with me.

Payments are still processing April 2021 Brave Ads Payout Status.

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