Part of browser screen outside the monitor is not refreshed

Dear Developer,
There is now a feature in Window 10 called game bar that can record game running in the browser like Chrome and Brave. That is a good feature. Start the reocording by Win+G or Win+Alt+R.
However, when I compare with Chrome and Brave, which both originated from the same set of codes, they do not recorded in the same way. When part of the browser is moved outside the monitor screen, the part that is outside is NOT updated in Brave. On the opposite, Chrome does not have this problem.
Attached you can see in the two files screenBrave and screenChrome, the former one does not have its right part updated when recording.
Please fix.

It looks like just waiting for a feature to be fixed is not the best solution in particular there is no one cared about that.
It may be good to compile my own copy of NOT BRAVE browser if there
is free codes available.

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