Paramount + not working on Brave

I canot stream Paramount + via Brave.
It does not work. Brings me to a page where it tells me ‘error code 4200’.

I tried via Chrome and it works without issues.

I found this page where Brave is not listed as supported browser (, but also (eg) Netflix does not support Brave and still I can watch everything (

Widevine is on and I I can watch prime, netflix, disney + via Brave without issues, but not Paramount +.

Edit: sorry, I did not post these details before.
Shields are down
Brave version is 1.44.101
OS is Windows 10 Home version 21H1

Try disabling shields for the entire website.

If the problem still persists then it is an actual problem.

There is a similar case where spotify web is only available on chrome and edge. Not even on firefox, safari, brave and other chromium browsers.

Yeah I’m interested to hear if Shields has any effect. I know for sure that Paramount+ works in Brave as we just fixed a bug where ads started playing on the site again.

It would also help to know what OS/Brave version you’re using.

Brave should send a legal notice against paramount+ and spotify.

Well, you are assuming paramount+ doesn’t work in Brave specifically, but the OP didn’t say if shields were down or not.

Honestly, I doubt paramount is not working for Brave users, because Brave team was testing the adblocker in paramountplus and cbs and working to ‘defeat’ the video ads just few days ago.

But first 15 days ago they added these filters and a scripts from Adguard to make these filters work:,,

But then just 5 days ago, Brave was removing that solution and decided to try the new uBlock xml-prune way with:,, Period[id*="-roll-"][id*="-ad-"], ,

So honestly, we just don’t know if the adblocker is breaking things or not, or the new solution(s) broke paramount+ and if they are even being used right now in the version the person has.

We don’t even know what version of Brave the person is using!

And Not everyone can test paramount+ and see if it works or not.

But we know that Brave team was testing a paramount+ account to see if the ads were showing or not and if the adblocker was detected or not.

In the error help of paramount+ we have:

The error 4201, 1200

  • You likely have Ad Blockers enabled, and you’ll need to disable it in order to stream P+ content. For instruction, click here.
  • Your firewall restrictions may be blocking Ensure that you have no firewall restrictions, or click here for instructions.
  • Check your antivirus software to ensure you have whitelisted or allowed.

Code 4200, 6100. Check out these tips:

  • Make sure your mobile device is running the latest software version. Not sure how to do this? Visit this article.
  • If you’re streaming via PC, ensure there are no pending updates. For info, click here.
  • Ensure you’re running the latest version of the Paramount+ app with this article.
  • Restart your device here, then try to relaunch Paramount+ again.

So error 4200 is about the apps, not the browsers, so we have no idea about this because the OP posted in Reddit and here the community but didn’t answer yet.

But it seems errors are not even what the help says, because Adguard was getting the error code: 111 “it couldn’t load video from the sponsors” and the paramount help says error 111 is about power failure.

Also, there is no way these sites will officially support Brave and anything besides Edge, Chrome, Firefox and sometimes they mention Opera.
They will not say Brave or any of the 800 thousand other forks around, they technically will say “we don’t officially support it so switch browsers”, but that’s because their book tell them to say so, because officially just means, they give support for it and not that it will work or not in other browsers.

There is not even an official word from paramount+ about not supporting Brave and telling the user that if he doesn’t switch they will suspend the account or something.

Brave is mostly seen as Chrome anyway, and unless there is evidence that people changing the user-agent actually makes things work, maybe you are pulling the trigger way too fast.

So this is totally different than what is going on with Twitch, because Twitch broke for so many people, even people even using the officially supported Edge, and other blink/chromium based browsers like Opera or Opera GX were having issues with twitch as well.
So I think Twitch just messed up and affected a lot of people with their really bad code and measures to avoid the ‘hate whatever’ boogeyman they are even talking about (like if Browser mattered to do anything like that).
If not, Nightly for example wouldn’t have worked, since the user-agent will be the same than Stable and Beta.

I mean, I am just putting the things in perspective and not assuming it just broke in Brave when only the OP has reported a problem with paramount+, and we don’t have any more information than “it just displays 4200 error” but nothing else about Brave if it is an updated or outdated version or what.


Fair enough you are probably right.

But what if, the user has shields turned down, no extensions interfering, no dns issue and still the user cannot watch paramount+ on brave. Without shields brave is very similar to ungoogled chromium. So a trial test should be done on ungoogled chromium. If it cannot be played on ungoogled chromium then paramount+ is at fault.

Sorry I didn’t specified it before, Shields are down (first thing I tried).
Brave version is 1.44.101
OS is Windows 10 Home version 21H1

Taking a look here — thank you for the update and thanks to @Emi for the details surrounding PM+ error codes. Hope to have more information on this soon.

I checked again today and it started to work.
No change in any parameter.
I just wanted to update, you can close the thread.


Hello there @ChemFrankie thanks for letting us know that you are able to stream on Paramount+ again.

If you have any other concerns, please let us know or open a new topic on our community.

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