Paramount+ adblocking

Umm, dude. Even the topic you linked was marked solved:

Well, I wanted to show a screenshot that I’m not experiencing the issue, but they have the protection so it just shows black screen on screenshot. Nevertheless, I don’t have the issue you’re speaking about. Everything played just fine with Shields up.

As to VPN, that’s going to be your big issue to an extent. To quote from sources online:

Paramount+, just like other streaming services, tries to block VPNs from connecting to its service. It does this to protect itself from potential copyright and licensing issues . Paramount+ only has the rights to broadcast its content in the US

Question is, does it work for you on Brave? I mean, I’m able to view with absolutely no issue here on Brave. Links to things I tested on viewing (doing it so not clickable link, but you can copy/paste)