Papaly Extension


I’m not sure if anyone else here has used the extension but I find it’s functionality useful as a Homepage as well as where I keep my most used bookmarks.

It would be great to either have the extension or if possible to build the functionality into the Brave browser home page. I personally would like the latter. Optional toggle of course but it’s such a useful extension it would be nice to have it on default for people to check out.


Recently I tried contacting Papaly about my sign-in problem but their tech-support and social media connections did nothing. They didn’t give any form of reply. I am not the only one. Their support is one of the most important aspects of being sure that their products could go a long way. It has been months and I still a have not gotten their replay.

I was happy with it, but this kind of service is unacceptable. It’s as if they stole my information.


That’s terrible! It’s a very useful app but I already knew the support was terrible. I would really like it built into Brave if possible.

Probably would have to build it from scratch but since it would be open source it would be easier to fix any issues.


If the official support hasn’t been responsive so far, it doesn’t change though the extension is landed on Brave right?

That would be cool :slight_smile:

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