Panel is broken

Hello! Your panel is broken, downloads have not been counted for three days already. And the stats are not loading.


@SaltyBanana , @steeven have you seen this problem? Since September 6, the statistics do not work. Please fix the situation

Hi @antweb thanks for bringing this to our attention.

Our team is aware of the issue and looking into the matter.
I will follow up once I have additional details on the issue.

Thanks for your patience!

Thanks for your patience.
I wanted to follow up and give you an update that our team is working on a fix.

Ok, waiting for the fix

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The same situation, since September 6, does not work

Hello, statistics graphs have started to display data. But overall statistics by month (blue window), still not working, data is null

Hi @antweb thanks for the follow up!

Good to know we are progressing upwards on the issue.
Could you kindly send a screenshot of what that panel looks like now?


All values are zero even though they are not

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