Panda Picks Up a Brave "Virus" Every Week

After every weekly scan on my Windows 7 Pro 64-bit PC at work, Panda Free Antivirus claims an item in Brave is the PUP/RNKBend virus and puts it in quarantine. Panda has come up with this result every week since I updated to Brave using the Chromium base. Please see the attached screenshot.

Brave Version: 0.58.21 Chromium: 71.0.3578.98 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Panda Free Antivirus does not seem to have a version number I can report. I can assure those reading this that I have it set to take all updates. I also find it interesting many search results say PUP/RNKBend is related to something called Securedisk.exe that is supposedly a CPU miner.

I will be glad to answer any other questions to assist in solving what this is about even though I’m guessing it is a false positive.

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Definitely a false positive, very likely targeting any Tor files it finds packaged along with Brave. We’ve had this issue before with MWB and are currently in the midst of getting it resolved with Kaspersky.

When Brave gets flagged, are you able to manually allow/whitelist it so that you can still update/use Brave? Or do the files get quarantined or erased?

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Thanks for your confirmation this is a false positive. I’m answering from home where I use Brave on Linux Mint instead of Windows 7 as reported above. I am 99% certain I can whitelist that file in Panda so it will not come up again. I will do so when I return to work on Monday. I intentionally did not whitelist it previously because I figured, if Panda or Brave did not fix the issue on their own after a few weeks, it would need to be reported here in its fully natural state. I have actually been letting Panda quarantine the file and it does not seem to have affected Brave at least with how I use it. It’s possible it might be causing an occasional issue where, upon the first start, Brave closes quickly and I have had to re-start it. However, after the restart, Brave runs like a champ with no other issues. I will keep an eye out for that after I whilelist the file to be certain that is not a separate issue.

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