Paid twice for August rewards, maybe

Is this a thing? Just trying to be honest but I think my August rewards might have been paid twice.

Did you ever not receive BATs for a particular month/months ?
If yes then those extra BATs must have rolled into your current payment

If no then I don’t know what the issue is…
@Saoiray @Aman_M @SaltyBanana
Please help on this issue

It appeared to be paid twice. Even I got the reward twice but it was the same net reward I had. Technically, you recieved the same amount again I think so and no extra BAT.

I think, this-

covers the question.

What? didn’t get you

I just meant you likely answered the OP.

To use what mattches said to me once about the same thing
“What you get is yours to keep”
Don’t worry about it. Be happy about it. It was likely some old outstanding amount or something similar.

Lol… I was gonna say it but was a bit worried about reactions from other users xd

I have the opposite problem - well not exactly, but I was not credited the right amount (I received less) - good for you though. How many devices are you running Brave Browser on?

I got about 10 BATS for August and my full balance went up by about 20 BATS. I run on 3 instances, 2 Windows machines and one Android device all verified and tied to Gemini. The double payments seems to have stuck. I have no idea why but can’t complain, I guess.

I had no outstanding rollovers. It definitely appears to be a double payment. I use 3 instances, 2 on Windows based PC’s and 1 on an Android device.

Be happy that you got your payment and a bonus… There’s people (like me) who are not receiving the BATs we actually earned lol

Sorry to hear that. Do you verify through Gemini?

Umm I actually had my account verified till June but then it got disconnected and since I’m in an unsupported region I can’t verify again.

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