Pages unloading in background

When a window is open that is visually hidden/minimized/open on a different virtual desktop, the window seems to unload and shows a blank screen until you interact with it, whereupon it reloads the page.

Open two windows and maximize one. When hovering over Brave instances in the taskbar, cycling open windows with Alt + Tab, opening the virtual desktop interface, etc., the background window is blank (shows gray) until you click it or reveal it again.

(Chrome, Firefox etc. do not show this effect and remain loaded).

This makes switching between Brave windows through the means above quite frustrating, since you can not easily see at a glance what a window has in it without reading its title. Additionally, and perhaps most annoyingly, though, is that this makes switching between virtual desktops very slow and choppy, as the pages unload instantly after switching and can take 2-3 seconds to fully reload, and will not start reloading until after you’ve fully swiped over to their virtual desktop.

I’ve only been using Brave for about a week now, but I’m pretty sure this problem wasn’t here when I got it first. If this is actually some RAM-saving feature, I would highly appreciate it to be a deactivatable option.

After searching the internet a while, I figured out the solution.

  1. In the URL bar, type brave://flags
  2. Type occlusion into the search.
  3. Switch “Calculate window occlusion on Windows” to “Disabled”. Relaunch the browser.
  4. If necessary, do the same with “Enable occlusion of web contents” below.

I’m not sure what caused this to activate for me, but if this was implemented by design, it would probably be better to have an option for this in the normal options menu as it could be causing other users a fixable problem like it did me.

PS: If this whole thing was actually something obvious, I apologize for your time spent reading, but thank you either way. Hopefully this can at least help some others.

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