Pages Not Loading Properly, Missing Pics/Videos

Some pages don’t completely open, pics, videos, & maps are all things that haven’t loaded.
It can be reproduced by going to any of the pages that haven’t worked, here’s one or two:

To see the pics, videos, or maps…

Brave Version: 69.135

Hi @StevenCee - welcome to community! Thanks for reporting your issue. Disabling Shields seems to allow each of these items. Are you running Catalina?

Hi Steeven, No, I’m using High Sierra… I’m also having issues with clicking on links and nothing happening, like on the Best Buy store’s page, the “give feedback” link, does nothing. I removed the block on popups, but it made no difference. And some other pages are taking a long time to open, or to open all the way… I’ve cleared cache & have plenty of memory, & fast download speed, so I’m not sure why this is happening, unless it’s the site’s fault, and not the browser…

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