Pages don't load and/or all tabs close at once



The last few weeks (sorry, don’t know when it started or with which version of Brave) I often come across two problems:

  1. when starting Brave, no pages load (usually I have gmail and a dutch-english dictionary). I then have to close Brave, often twice, before the pages will load
  2. when I try to close one tab (e.g. gmail or facebook), all tabs close at once.

Anyone else with similar experiences? I use Brave on a laptop, with Windows 10


I’ve experienced #2. It happen when I open the browser, and close the active tab before clicking any other tab. If I go open the other tabs, and let them load in, it doesn’t happen.
I don’t think it’s happened after updating to 0.17.13, but I’m not sure.

Haven’t seen the issue you describe in #1


Hi, that issue was fixed with 0.17.13 so you would no longer experience it again. Please let me know if you do yet. Best


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