Page zoom on mac. Conflict with macOS


Hello. After update, i cant work normally with tradingview (for example) because now i zooming all page when i just need zoom chart.



Hi @hello1

Could you please provide additional information such as steps to reproduce, your Brave version, and a screenshot of the issue to help with troubleshooting?



Sorry for my english.

Correct: i use two fingers to zoom content inside a page, but not all page with interface.

Incorrect: i use two finger to expand graphics on tradingview (example) and all page zooming, so after that i need open settings and set page zoom to normal.

If you need, i can make a video.


Hi @hello1

I think I understand - can you take a look at my gifs below?

In this one, using 0.21.18, only the chart zooms in/out (I’m using the trackpad to do this):

When using 0.21.19, the whole page zooms in/out (again, using the same gestures on the trackpad).

Does this match what you’re seeing?



Gif for 0.21.19:


Yes it is! So i need to install 0.2.18. Will be this problem fix in next updates?



Hi @hello1

I will be entering an issue for it shortly and will post the issue # here.
Update: this is the logged issue:

In the mean time, due to a different issue, we have suspended the rollout of 0.21.19. What this means is, you can go back to 0.21.18 without it automatically updating on you. Here’s how I suggest you do that:

Close Brave.
Navigate to ~/Library/Application Support/ and make a copy of your ‘brave’ folder (just call it brave-backup or something like that)
Go to Applications and delete the file
Navigate to and download Brave-0.21.18.dmg.
You can install from this .dmg file and run Brave normally.

Let me know if you have any questions.


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